About Us


Creating families is what Xytex is all about, helping people worldwide have babies through choice gametes. Working with healthcare professionals, Xytex assists their patients in selecting appropriate gamete donors. A donor may be someone known to the patient or a person selected from the Xytex panel of medically qualified anonymous donors; or a patient may store his or her own reproductive tissue for later use.

Xytex began offering gamete services in 1975 as a clinical diagnostic laboratory. Today, Xytex International Ltd. coordinates a group of gamete services. Xytex Tissue Storage Inc. (XTS) provides long-term (years) safekeeping of patients’ own reproductive cells or tissues, including gametes, embryos and gonadal material. Xytex Corporation provides donor semen and laboratory evaluation of donors, and has an extensive, diversified panel of exceptional donors. Xytex Research Inc. works to improve reproductive tissue technologies. Each subsidiary of Xytex is incorporated (subchapter C) in Georgia and headquartered in Augusta. Some of the companies have additional locations.

Xytex is far more than a gamete vendor. In truth, Xytex is people, people eager to talk with others, sharing their specialized knowledge enabling patients to make informed decisions concerning their reproductive future. As healthcare providers, Xytex companies are committed to helping each patient achieve realistic goals. These reproductive goals are deeply personal. Xytex is very sensitive to this and strives to maximize confidentiality through professional training and physical safeguards. This is part of its responsibility to patients, their offspring, and also to gamete donors. Some gamete donors permit Xytex to reveal their identity to adult offspring requesting this information. Xytex shares as much information as each donor, laws, and our medical advisors will permit.

The work of Xytex physicians and scientists is enhanced by an international medical advisory board that encompasses expertise in reproductive endocrinology, internal medicine, human genetics, infectious diseases, and tissue preservation. Of course, each Xytex company has appropriate, required regulatory approval (licenses) and two have gone further to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Xytex is a pioneer in reproductive medicine, originating innovative services ultimately imitated by competitors. Xytex uses its strong global resources to serve each patient individually with compassion and respect.